Remember the small shop trader who supported the foodbank with stock; Or the small business owner who sponsored a youth football team with a new strip; The local bus company who sponsored free furniture for needy families; The hairdressing salon that sponsored a youth football team; The retail company who supported the Great Aycliffe Cancer Support Group; The restaurant who sponsored a sports kit; A racing driver who was supported by a local business owner; A local funeral director who sponsored the town bowls club; And not forgetting the great work completed by Honest John, raising over £250,000 in 20 years for local good causes and organisations.

Local businesses willingly put their hands in their pockets to show support for town organisations in need. Now, imagine that all of the above companies no longer existed, where would the funding for any of the above, and many others, come from?

We need to make an effort to help our local businesses and retailers, so in turn they can help others in our community. Newton News would like to encourage residents to SHOP LOCAL and support our shopkeepers and retail outlets.

The knock on effect of this is, that supporting the town’s businesses and retailers you are also keeping local residents in employment as well as supporting the local economy. Please make the effort, SHOP LOCAL, help employment and our community.