Dear Sir,

I have no political axe to grind but I take issue with Mr. Welsh who supports the Bedroom Tax and it was Mrs Thatcher’s decision that we become a “Service Industry” nation.

He states there will be a demand for bedrooms when Hitachi starts up but I don’t believe personnel from that company will be looking for rented property from Livin.

I may agree that a single parent should not be renting a three bedroom house but this is also about families of four being moved, because two boys under 16 are expected to share a room. You could have a situation where one boy is trying to concentrate on his homework while his older brother is entertaining his girlfriend.

Not enough money has been spent on one bedroom properties, but this is not the fault of New Labour as it was the Tory Government who stopped the building of Council Houses.

If Hitachi ever brings train building back to the North East (and I see no signs of a factory being built) it is only an assembly plant. There will be no benefit to our steel industry and not even fabric for the seats as we don’t have a weaving industry worth shouting about.

I heard they may not even come here if they don’t get the contract to renew the East Coast rolling stock. It just reminds me of the promises of that super company Fujitsu with thousands of jobs being available.

A Symington

Isherwood Close