The Aviator Gin Bar is excited to announce a further expansion of its range of products. Whilst originally built around a number of increasingly successful gins, the wider spirits menu is ever expanding with new items every week and the intention is for the top shelf, currently with 20 malt whiskys, to reach its target of 50 malts by Xmas time. This widening of range is in response to requests from customers who bring a wide range of whisky tasting experience to the bar and it seemed that the best way to harness this knowledge was to obtain those whiskys that came with a high recommendation for others to appreciate.

Soon to come, in addition to the externally sourced widening whisky range is the artisan vodka range from “The Herbal Gin Company”. Starting with a raspberry and vanilla flavoured vodka as well as a conventional vodka, the flavours to come will mirror the gin flavours with lemon, Seville orange in the second wave of offerings, soon to be followed by rhubarb and ginger and a spiced artisan vodka.

The cocktail menu is now also extending after being set up based on the positive feedback from social media in response to the cocktail videos posted before the bar opened. Porn Star Martinis, Singapore Slings and Long Island Iced Teas are proving the most popular requests, but the menu is wide, eclectic and is being increasingly sampled and appreciated.

The bar is also proud to be planning a relocation of Oktoberfest 2020 celebrations. The official events in Germany have been cancelled but it seemed only right and proper to ‘relocate’ the Oktoberfest option to Newton Aycliffe. Steins are rumoured to be soon appearing behind the bar! Watch this space… Ale will soon be on tap too.

Supporting local businesses is an important principle as The Aviator has been truly supported by local people and businesses and in turn tries to provide similar local support. The most exciting development visually has been the TradeGlass help, with images that are starting to appear, transforming the feel of the bar. Lifesize cockpit images have arrived and more are to follow soon.

It has always been the plan for The Aviator to provide an experience for people and not only does this experience involve taste (beer/whisky/rum/vodka/gin) and visuals (aircraft furniture/memorabilia/images) but is now promoting sound – with Sunday music events – alternating between Sunday Chill and Sunday Soul.

Sunday Soul features the work of Steve Bradley, a fantastic mix of Northern Soul classics and Sunday Chill involves a great mix of Ibiza classics mixed by Billy Bradley and Bradley Beaumont. Come along for a relaxing Sunday afternoon/early evening of great music whilst enjoying your drink of choice (as well as enjoying the all day Sunday 10% discount that is offered on prices that are increasingly being recognised as more than competitive.)

More than a gin bar – absolutely…!