Dear Sir,
I am a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator for my area and on Friday morning the council  refuse people came to take the recycling stuff away in the Simpasture/Moule Close  area.
I was totally dismayed when two workers started to remove waste items from the bins chucking them on the ground leaving a right mess. (This was later picked up by neighbours in my area after they left). They then proceeded to empty all the glass bottles from the recycle box  into a  wheelie bin, but failed to take the rubbish they had removed and scattered about the street.
The same thing happened to other bins in my street – all of this was captured and  recorded on CCTV .
I will be contacting the Council on this matter, as if I were to do the same thing I would be prosecuted for dumping or littering!
The bin men may have a duty to check bins, but they don’t have a right to make a mess and they certainly don’t have a right to leave litter everywhere.
Name and address supplied