Sadly it is extremely difficult for the animal sanctuary owners all over the UK who have dedicated their lives ti caring for abused and abandoned animals of all shapes and sizes. With an influx of now unwanted animals, as well as financial difficulties, animal rescue centres and sanctuaries need our support more than ever.

We are encouraging people all over the UK to “pose with a nose” for Wetnose Day on 18th September as well as fundraise if they possibly can. Noses cost just £5 and all funds go to Wetnose Animal Aid to distribute to sanctuaries across the UK.

“Wetnose Day for animal’s is a lovely idea, yes we definitely need more help and support with wildlife and hedgehog rescues, so yes I’ll support Wetnose Day by wearing a Nose for a Pose” said Chris Packham.

Wetnose Animal Aid distributes funds to amazing sanctuaries, perhaps to pay a vet bill or animal feed bill, and this can take the pressure off the people running the sanctuaries – even for a little while.

This year sees Wetnose Animal Aids 20th anniversary of supporting animals – what a year!

The above photo shows our wonderful supporter Chris Packham – posing with a nose!