Dear Sir,

We voted for our local MP’s, then we find out they will vote against our opinions.

We pay millions into the EU kitty.

Why? To bail out Italy who are nearly bankrupt, as are other EU countries.

We are also paying so Poland can lower their retirement age. How many of our women born in the 1950s now have to wait for their pensions. Poland are still using the Zloty as they feel it is better than the Euro. Poland received nearly 12 billion Euros from the EU while their contribution is only 2 billion Euros.

That is why a pint of beer is £1.25 and Poland has one of the highest minimum wages in Europe.

We pay £13 billion a year, I am sure the NHS could use this money.

When we joined in 1973 we were promised price reductions that never came. Let’s get out as soon as possible, that means now!

  1. Sinclair

Newton Aycliffe