We Need a Snap Election Now to Clear the Brexit Fug

Dear Sir,

Given that a 2016 survey of the House of Commons revealed that nearly three quarters of the MPs were pro-EU, we should not be surprised that Parliament is sabotaging Government attempts to comply with the referendum mandate to deliver BREXIT. The nation’s governance has become an international laughing stock as the Government is being prevented from governing by a Parliament which is out of control. This is anarchy, not democracy.

We cannot carry on like this. The fug of BREXIT has stifled the nation’s politics, business and discourse. No country can afford the years of drift and uncertainty that Westminster has inflicted upon us. This needs to stop now. But how? Another referendum is not the answer because the Electoral Commission says 6 months would be needed to prepare for it and the country cannot wait that long.

Since the present Parliament refuses to deliver BREXIT, we need a new Parliament, courtesy of a snap election which could be done and dusted in 25 working days, enabling the parties of government to put their BREXIT strategies to the people, with enough time left in late October for a newly elected government to go to Brussels armed with a fresh people’s mandate.

The proof of the BREXIT pudding is in the eating, not in endless conjecture about how palatable it will be. In a democracy, you vote, you experience the consequences of how you voted and then you vote again in the light of your experience. We have to experience BREXIT first before we can make another judgement. We can always rejoin the EU if it subsequently transpires that our leaving was mistaken.

Meanwhile, politicians who pontificate about the authority of Parliament need reminding that there is a higher authority – us!

Yours faithfully,

David Green