Dear Sir,

The Referendum was the People’s Vote! It had the biggest voter turn-out in our history! Further, at the last General Election both of the main parties’ manifestoes promised that we would Leave the EU. That is, circa. 80% of voters voted for a party which promised to Leave the EU. and 64% of the MP’s currently in the House of Commons were elected in constituencies that had voted to Leave in the Referendum; Sedgefield Constituency being one.

That is, two majority votes to Leave. Why does Phil Wilson expect us to believe that he will do his duty properly if we tell him a third time? He has chosen to ignore the expressed will of his electorate twice.

Democracy did not end on the 23rd June 2016; rather it was re-set. The people voted for Parliament to take back control from the EU and NOT from the democratic wishes of the electorate. Also, contrary to the protestations of Remain MPs and Lords, Parliament does not have sovereign control until AFTER we leave the EU. The wishes of the British people are sovereign until we actually leave the EU. Only then can Parliament decide whether we spend some, or all, of the monies we repatriate on the NHS.

Why does our MP, Phil Wilson want another ‘People’s Vote’? Does he need to be told three times what his constituency electorate want? He reminds me of an English teacher at my school, who, prior to repeating a lesson, he prefaced it with, “For the benefit of those who are not too bright”.

I was disappointed to see our MP resorting to the Remain/BBC tactics of attempting to vilify selected members of the Leave Campaign. I’m not surprised that Jacob Rees-Mogg frightens the life out of him. Jacob Rees-Mogg is a backbench MP elected by a majority Leave voting electorate who is doing his best to represent his constituents wishes. I wish we had one of these! Of course, the BBC go further and allow contributors to call Jacob Rees-Mogg an extremist!

Further, Jacob Rees-Mogg is a very intelligent happily married family man who is open and honest about both his political and personal views. However, our MP thinks he must be bad because he is wealthy!

What about the immense wealth in the un-elected, undemocratic House of Lord’s which our MP is relying upon to keep us in the Single Market and the Customs Union? Do you think they care a fig for the poor down-trodden electorate of Sedgefield?

Mr Wilson, we have had our democratic ‘People’s Vote’ and we have voted to Leave. Either represent your constituents properly in Parliament or do the honourable thing and resign. Either way, don’t demean your office by a personal attack on a fellow MP because he is doing the right thing. This makes you look like a bad loser.

Alastair P.G. Welsh