Sedgefield Water Polo Club’s Under 17’s team travelled to Walsall for the first round of the National Championships with high hopes of doing well in the competition.
They were in group A with five other top teams. Unfortunately they started the competition badly loosing to London Invicta 9-5 after some disappointing play and to many major fouls.
In there next game they were up against Welsh Champions Cwbra Braig and in a tight game Sedgefield’s fitness told and they won 10-6
The Water Polo Team in Walsall third game saw them up against Cheltenham from the West who have won many National titles at Junior and Senior level but Sedgefield were far too good winning 15-4.
Their fourth game saw Sedgefield playing City of Manchester one of the favourites and in a low scoring game Sedgefield won 6-3.
In Sedgefield’s final game they played Scottish Champions Caledonia knowing if they won they would top the group and get a good draw for the next round. Sedgefield’s fitness really stood out as they easily defeated the Scottish team 11-5.This was a good performance by Sedgefield after losing the first game. In the next round Sedgefield are up against London Invicta again and Solihull.
Team: Richard Murray, Michael Cousins, Mike Kelly, Connor Keeble, John Pratt, Jake Plant, Ben Stephenson, Kris Egginton, Mathew Alderson, Ben Mason, Daniel Armstrong and Isaac Wass.