Motorists are being advised to ‘Watch their Speed’ in Newton Aycliffe thanks to an initiative supported by Great Aycliffe and Middridge Partnership (GAMP).
Funding has been used to purchase a rotational speed visor for exclusive use in the GAMP area. A Speed Visor is an ‘intelligent’ sign which is activated by approaching vehicles to advise the motorist of the speed limit, their actual speed or to warn of a particular hazard. The use of the rotational speed visor is a cost effective way to remind motorists of their speed, compared to more costly options of installing physical traffic calming measures.
The visor will rotate around six locations in the area at sites with a known speed or accident problem. The locations have been selected after consultation with Durham County Council Highways, Durham Constabulary and local residents.
GAMP supported the project through the Neighbourhood Budget allocations of Durham County Councillors; Eddy Adam, Kate Hopper, John Clare, Mike Dixon, Joan Gray, Sarah Iveson and Jed Hillary. Additional funding was also provided through GAMP’s Area Budget.
The rotational speed visor will be rotated across 6 sites in the GAMP area and the project should be up and running in the next month. The sites for the visor are:
1. Williamfield Way near Eskdale
2. Stephenson Way opposite Silkin Way
3. St Cuthbert’s Way between Finchale/Emerson
4. Central Avenue by Vane Road School
5. Burn Lane just before the Cobblers Hall shopping centre
6. Woodham Way opposite Woodham Gate