Dear Sir,
The unedifying site of Conservative MPs being whipped into supporting a suspension of the suspension of Conservative MP, Owen Paterson, over the alleged cash for influence affair, is unbelievable. Of course our MP, Paul Howell, dutifully obeyed his master’s instruction to support this, just as he did last year over the plan to end free school meals for disadvantaged children during out of term time.
As with the free school meals debacle, yet again, Mr Johnson quickly changed his mind on this matter with another u-turn, meaning that Paul must again have been left feeling a little bit glum for, I suspect, he didn’t really want to vote the way he did.
How any honourable Conservative MP can remain loyal to this Prime Minister is beyond me. If I were to be allowed to counsel Paul Howell, I would say get yourself a time machine in order that for every crazy vote Mr Johnson asks you to take, you can quickly go a couple of days into the future and see if your boss has again changed his mind.
You can then come back to the present day and vote accordingly. Alternatively, in the absence of said time machine, instead of voting just to please your boss, you could vote with your conscience and you would never make the same mistake.
Stephen Braithwaite