Dear Editor,
I appreciate the anger expressed by the Friends of West Park, they have clearly worked hard to make the lakes clear and recreationally useful. It is always good to see local volunteers at work and every effort should always be made to ensure volunteers feel appreciated – we need more!
However, I feel that last week’s Newton News was rather one-sided in it’s coverage. Personally, I support the fact that the lakes have become environmental, rather than recreational. West Park is a beautiful facility which hosts a range of wildlife. By allowing the plant life to grow in the lake we encourage that wildlife. The ducks, after all, eat weeds and algae that grows in the lakes, as well as the insects.
This issue is clearly already divisive, but it would make sense to gain a full understanding of public opinion. The Friends of West Park do not represent all views. In fact, my own experience and my awareness of other residents views prior to this furore was that there was a greater appetite for further environmentalism and hopes for the building of islands and duck nesting areas.
I will enjoy the unfolding of a sensible debate where a true reflection of the public’s feelings can be counted – make yourselves known!
Peter Davies
Hawkshead Place
The coverage was a true expression of public opinion and our policy remains the same in printing all letters for and against any topic. We should also make it very clear that the letter contents do not mean they carry the editor’s personal view or support on the subject. As always Newton News is here to give readers a voice and a means to air their views.