Dear Sir,

Bus services are now much worse – the 5 and 5A don’t go into Aycliffe Village via Durham Road. I am not happy about theses changes as the Monday to Saturday service in my area do not run late anymore. After returning home form Durham I am stuck in the town, having to walk home alone to Aycliffe Village.

Cutbacks do not help people like myself that need late buses  and not everyone has a car or can afford taxis. Why can’t we have a better service to run late at night? There are no buses after 8pm – Monday to Saturday and we are stuck without them.

I can’t get to my Doctor in Pease Way and why can’t the No. 7 go via Aycliffe Village along Durham Road? The last bus then would be 23.15pm from Durham.

I will be taking a petition around the village and asking our MP Phil Wilson for his help.

Samantha English