Dear Sir,
In reply to Mr Robert’s letter on the village green being spoilt.
If I may give a little bit of history on the pavement in question whcih is “unadopted” and was put in at the turn of the century so that the Head Teacher Herbert Flower could walk easily to  the Village school which was where my house is in St. Andrews Close.
As a local councillor for over 20 years Durham County Council were asked if they would tidy the pavements on the green which they kindly agreed to and their method is to use  weed killer.
They return after a month to trim all the dead grass and the green grows back to its natural colour.
I am very sorry that Mr  Roberts feels the green was spoilt and I think if he sees the outcome of the work  done he will see it back to its beautiful best.
Unfortunately Durham County Council have withdrawn work on the village green so I have approached the Town Council to take over this task.
Councilor Bill Blenkinsopp