Dear Sir, I have been living in Woodham for the last 3 years and use the local bus stop quite a lot. I got in touch with the Council before Xmas requesting a bus shelter at the stop by the bike park at Woodham, as people were getting soaked and cold waiting for the bus. Just a few weeks ago this shelter was erected (brilliant). However on Thursday 23rd March the shelter was seen to be vandalised. Do people who commit acts of vandalism realise this is costly, and repairs come out of our Council Tax?

One day these vandals will start working, get married, run a home and pay their own Council Tax and then come to realise their folly. Someone must have heard them as most of the glass was smashed. I do hope they are caught and fined and made to pay for the damage they have done. Thanks to our local Councillors who supported my request for the shelter in the first place. Name & address supplied.