Dear Sir,
I would just like to air my disgust at the horrible kids who vandalised my elderly parents property in Oakfield on Tuesday evening, 28th December.
My parents, aged 91 and 83, live in a bungalow, at 6pm I dropped my father off at home after visiting family, Mother had been at home on her own.
When dad went to ring the doorbell he found that it was missing – it had been forcibly pulled from the wall.
My mother told him that not long before, the bell had rang and when she looked out of the window there was no one there.
During the lead up to Christmas, they had been pestered by kids, supposedly Carol singing, the same kids called about three times, but understandably, my elderly parents always look out of the window to see who is there before opening the door and never open the door to strangers, so each time these kids went away empty handed.
I am assuming that, because of this, the same kids have returned and pulled the doorbell from the wall. Carol singing seems to be a dying trend, but I would urge parents to tell their kids NOT to go knocking at bungalow doors and frightening old or disabled people.
Thank you.
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