Valhalla North Axe Throwing is County Durham’s first and only dedicated indoor axe throwing centre.

The reaction we get is usually wide eyed, opened mouthed faces when we explain what goes on at Valhalla North.

Axe Throwing – You throw Axes?

However, Axe Throwing is not as odd of an activity as it first seems. The sport is huge in Canada and America and controlled by the World Axe Throwing League (WATL). Valhalla North will be seeking affiliation with the WATL once the club nights are up and running. There are only a small number of axe throwing clubs in the UK that are WATL affiliated.

The team at Valhalla North consists of Carl (the Director), Kathryn and Sam. The idea spawned from travelling over 100 miles to take part in an indoor axe throwing session and falling in love with the sport. We decided to take it upon ourselves to bring it to the North East and the venture started in February 2019 and after months of planning and working very long days, the centre is finally open to the public!

The name derived from our combined love of most things Viking related and being in the North. It’s that simple really!

All three of us have been part of Kynren and have interests in stage combat, performing and the Norse history. Although the name suggests it is Viking themed, the interior décor is more focused on the requirements of the sport and safety.

A generic session lasts 1.5 hours. During the session you will be briefed on the rules of the centre and health & safety. One of the instructors will then show you how it’s done, it’s actually a lot easier that most think. You don’t have to be strong, it’s more about technique than force. Once you’ve got the hang of it, we will start to introduce some team games and competitions. There are a number of games/competitions that you can play and it completely depends on the group size and the skills of the individuals. Some choose to play the games more focused on fun but the competitive ones amongst us tend to go for the league style games (best of 10 throws). After games and competitions are over and winners’ medals are awarded, it’s time for some trick shots and most importantly those snaps for social media!

We have also introduced a monthly leader board. Participants who are confident in their skills can enter, throw 10 axes and log their scores in the hope they aren’t beaten by the end of the month. Winner receives a free axe throwing session for 1!

Our main goal at Valhalla North is to share the fun and enjoyment of this new sport and activity. It is open to everyone aged 14+ (under 18’s must be with an adult). Group sizes of 1-48 are accepted and discounts are available to groups of 12 or more.

Axe Throwing is great for team building and stress relief, so naturally makes it a perfect corporate activity. We want to work closely with the local businesses and become part of the community in Newton Aycliffe, so we will be reaching out to the surrounding businesses in the near future.

Bookings are available on the website at