You can donate it to Helping Hands and help us raise money so that we can support more people that facing financial crisis?

Did you know that over a million computers from the UK end up in landfill every year? That’s enough to give away two to every person living in the city of Manchester!

Helping Hands is taking part in the Money4Computers scheme making it easy for us to turn your old unwanted laptop and desktop systems into money for our charity!

That’s right, not only will you be helping to stop computers going to landfill, you will also help us to raise much needed cash for Helping Hands in the process!

Simply phone or text Helping Hands team on 07936431262.  We will gladly arrange collection. Alternatively you can e-mail with your details and we will get straight back to you.

Once we have collected 15 machines, Money4Computers will collect them, safely destroy all personal data, then value and recycle them. We will receive money back as extra funding for our charity

We will also distribute some of the computers back into the community to families who couldn’t otherwise be able to afford them.

Helping Hands project support Families and individuals in crisis where members have lost their jobs, are struggling to pay basic living costs or have other personal circumstances that leave them in need of our support. If you need help just phone 07936 431262.  We offer a ring back service.