Youngest Ever Labour Candidates

30 years ago two 25 year olds Eddy Adam &  Arun Chandran stood for election to the Town Council in West Ward for Labour.After winning their seats they reformed  local politics and the Council, by putting the community first. They served four consecutive terms introducing moderate, and progressive policies.

After a period on the sidelines Eddy and Arun are back again standing together for election in West Ward. But this time they bring with them two even younger prospective councillors, Dan Summers and Tom Twissell both aged 18, making them the youngest ever to stand for election in Newton Aycliffe.

Dan Summers has lived in the West Ward all his life; he is currently finishing his final year as a student at Darlington College, studying Creative Media.

He is an active member of the local Labour Party and is also involved within County Durham Young Labour, Dan is also an observer on the Town Council. If elected Daniel’s major aim is to improve the lives of the people in the West Ward as well as making key decisions based on the needs of the people.

Daniel believes greatly in the potential of young people, ultimately if elected as town councillor for the west ward he will be working actively with young people as well as acting as the voice of the people in Aycliffe West.

Tom Twissell has lived in West Ward, for over 12 years. He is currently finishing his final year as a student at Darlington College studying Computer Games Development. Tom’s aim is to improve the local area for all ages in his ward, making it a better place to live.

He strongly believes in giving the youth a voice to improve their area and is open to any suggestions from the public about what changes they feel need to be made.

If elected he will be the much needed voice of the youth in Great Aycliffe and play an active part in making important decisions within the whole community.

Tom Twissell

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Dan Summers

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