The Supervet, Steve Jones and Kate Quilton are coming to Newcastle upon Tyne, and they’re on a mission to find loving homes for as many pets as possible in just one week, and convince the nation that rescue animals are the way forward. As part of an exciting new TV series, Channel 4 will be coming live from Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter. This will take place from Monday 7th to Friday 11th August 2017 and they are looking for people who can provide loving, ‘forever’ homes for the abandoned dogs, cats and rabbits of Newcastle upon Tyne to come forward.

‘Supervet’ Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and Steve Jones will be on hand to assist in the rehoming of all these fantastic, yet overlooked animals. TV presenter Kate Quilton will be on the front line of the rehoming process and following the stories of the animals being rehomed. The aim is clear; to dismantle the stigma associated with rescue animals and encourage people to adopt an animal in need of a loving home, rather than to shop for pets. Rescue centres across the country will also be taking part, to encourage viewers looking for pets to adopt at their local shelter. Britain is home to more than 16 million pet dogs and cats*. But every year, some 250,000 domestic animals* find themselves abandoned to the care of rescue centres.  In 2016, animal charities reported sharp increases in cases of stray and unwanted pets coming through their doors, some dealing with record intakes. Now more than ever, pets need our help. Potential pet adopters wishing to take part, should arrange a time to visit the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter to view the pets during the week, and if a good match is found, start the adoption process.

They can email or can call TV Programme Promotes Rescue Animals 0191 266 1167 to book a time slot. The experienced staff at the shelter will ensure the pets are rehomed responsibly and that suitable homes are found for all their animals. Professor Noel Fitzpatrick said: “Through raising awareness of the fun, love and hope that rehoming an animal can bring to families everywhere, I genuinely think that we speak a language of joy and compassion, and I think that this is a fantastic message to put out into the world right now.” Steve Jones said: “I love animals, I love live TV and I love The Supervet. This is going to be a great show with a great purpose. Can’t wait.” Tim Hancock, Editor at C4 said: “As an event, it has the potential to shift Britain’s attitudes towards adopting rescue animals, and as a series, it will make for unmissable TV as the country comes together to clear the shelters.”