Kieran Maxwell

Heighington village residents and thousands of people throughout the country will mourn the passing of Kieran. We who have known him almost since he was born have lived the highs and lows of his life – saddened when we heard the unhappy news and heartened when life seemed to open up for him. He was an extremely brave and courageous young man blessed with an indomitable ‘can do’ spirit that saw him through his darkest days and lifted his spirits to such a height that he set himself great ambitions throughout his short but wonderful life. He rarely looked back – always to the future.

His enthusiasm could be seen in everything he did, his gymnastics, his running and his ambition to compete in the Para Olympics to run for his country were ambitions that most of us marvelled at – a tremendous ambition which I know he would have achieved. Despite the pain, anxiety and fear that he must have endured none was evident to people he met. Instead there were smiles and laughter as he told us about his latest experience. And like many we were humbled when Tribute to Kieran despite his ailing condition he was always thinking of others with his drive to raise money for Ewing’s Sarcoma Research so that others would not have to suffer.

Kieran will be missed but he will be remembered for years to come by future village generations for his positive approach to life, his cheery disposition against all the odds that were up stacked against him and for his inner strength. Our thoughts and prayers are also with his father Alastair, his mother Nicola and his lovely little sister Amelia who have all given so much support to Kieran over his years of suffering. It must have been very difficult for the family over recent years and their devotion to Kieran demands everyone’s respect

Cllr Gerald G. Lee