Dear Sir,

Reference two articles in last week’s edition of Newton News:

a) Carillion Question

The big question is how was Carillion allowed to get into a situation of being £900 million in debt before it was noticed?” I think we are all aware that this figure is understated and at one time was said to have had their accounts signed off by an accredited firm of accountants.

I believe the general public were amazed to learn of the breadth of this enterprise and their involvement with our local and regional hospitals. Surely the NHS could be responsible for staff employed on their premises instead of subcontracting these services.

b) Our MEP’s article

Though Jude Kirton-Darling made interesting reading, once again references were made to “a lot of progress has been made in recent years in terms of transparency and democracy.

It appears the general public are still waiting for answers to the following-

1) How many years since the EU’s finances were signed off by accredited auditors?

2) Will they be signed off, or even published this financial year and not behind closed doors?

3) Is the EU considered exempt from publishing their records?

4) What are the chances of publication of audited records being published before Brexit ?

I believe this subject was raised last year and questions posed in a similar manner without any response. I do consider this issue as a very serious matter as the “powers that be” appear to consider themselves as being unaccountable to the general public.