Deborah Taylor-Smith of Lilburne Crescent, Newton Aycliffe, (right) signed up for ‘Come Dine With Me’ this year. After meeting with itv producers they loved her and put her through to be on the much watched show!

“Come dine with me” has 5 guests where each evening they visit each person’s home to have a 3 course meal. They score the contestant from 0-10 and the overall winner from the 5 nights wins £1000.

August 2017 she was filmed with 4 other guests and had to dine at their homes throughout the week.

Deborah says “It was an experience of a lifetime to be on the show, the producers and crew were amazing, and made me feel very comfortable on camera.”

The show is going to be on Channel 4 Monday 27th of November until Friday 1st of December 2017 at 5:30pm!

Deborah from Newton Aycliffe sings in pubs and clubs in the north east and was filmed in Newton Aycliffe at the Phoenix Club for the show. “It’s not to be missed, and extremely funny”