Cllr Arun Chandran who with Cllr Eddy Adam fought and succeeded in getting the Town Council to save the Annual Fireworks Display has hailed it a great success
Cllr Chandran stated “most residents were able to get their free admission tickets,  the additional Security, Lighting and additional barriers and  a transport police presence at the rail halt and of course Council staff  all contributed to a well run and  greatly appreciated event.
The Fireworks Display, thanks to all concerned especially the residents, has been a great success and is now firmly established for the future.”
Over 5,000 free admission tickets were obtained by residents of Great Aycliffe for the central arena, safety concerns were fully met and there were no parking problems.
Grumbles came from residents of the Chesnuts, School Aycliffe who by reason of  boundaries are outside Great Aycliffe.and ineligible to attend the display. There were also complaints from Chilton and Middridge residents who have always enjoyed the event.
Councillors may discuss the possibility of making an admission charge to people outside the town. That would then be making a contribution to the rates Aycliffe people pay to host the firework display.