Dear Sir,
My wife and I have just returned from the Senior Citizens’ Excursion to The Lakes (Bowness-on-Windermere) on Thursday 30th June.
I would to thank Great Aycliffe Town Council for a really wonderful day out. We have been on the Scarborough and Whitby trips and can honestly say they have all been a lovely day out. The Lakes journey itself was trouble free with driver Dave and his mate Mel of LEES COACHES who were helpful, courteous and informative throughout the day.
Our lunch at the Windermere Hydro Hotel was absolutely delicious; hot, fresh and very well presented with a fast efficient service, thanks to The Manager and all the staff concerned. Most of all thanks to the Chef for cooking such a lovely meal with roast potatoes to die for, not to mention the Apple Pie – the whole meal was faultless.
Of course you always get the seasonal complainers, (you can’t please all the people all the time, but some people you don’t seem to be able to please any of the time).
We overheard people on a neighbouring table moaning about being served last, I’m sorry but like most things in life someone has to be first and someone has to be last, There were even people complaining about the weather! Taking into account the “slightly inclement” weather we had on the previous day (ask our neighbours in Newcastle) it wasn’t rocket science to realize that it wasn’t going to be 80 degrees! In fact the weather was ok, it was warm and dry, and not raining once while we were there.
All in all a really great day out, and long may these excursions survive these economic cut backs. Thanks again GATC!
Just a final word to all those complainers, if you don’t like going on these trips, “stay at home” and leave more room for those of us who do enjoy them.
Alan Elders