Dear Editor
I would like to inform your readers of two separate events. Firstly, It was my privilege to write letters of commendation to members of our Park Patrol team, regarding two recent incidents.
The first commendation was for their efforts and initiative, which led to the arrest of a man who has been charged with the theft of grave goods from West Cemetery. The officers concerned had intensified their patrols of the area, and they eventually were  able to follow the suspect to his home and inform the police.
The second commendation was for the manner in which they dealt with horses which had escaped from a field in Aycliffe Village.  Their prompt actions prevented a possible serious accident if the horses had reached the A167 or the A1 motorway.
Secondly, on Thursday 3rd October, representatives of Great Aycliffe and Middridge Councils met on a formal basis, under the auspices of the Great Aycliffe and Middridge Local Councils Committee, where a proposed parish boundary change and the transfer of the area of Eldon Whins to Great Aycliffe Town Council was discussed.
The Middridge Councillors stated that their Parish Council accepted and welcomed the planned housing development and also stated that they wished to retain all of the relevant land within their parish and would therefore oppose any suggested boundary change.
The meeting was advised that Great Aycliffe Town Council will take further steps to investigate the proposed boundary change.
Councillor Bob Fleming
Leader of the Council