Dear Sir,

It’s exciting to see that work has begun on the town centre and I look forward to seeing the end results. Whilst some readers have reservations about whether new shops will be attracted to the vacant shops I can’t help thinking that the facelift is surely going to make the shopping experience a more pleasant one, we all need the feel good factor.

However, on walking through the town this evening, out of curiosity I wondered how long it would be before the new paving would be spoilt with gum! Sure enough it has been! How I would love to ban the disgusting stuff! How long will it be before the town centre begins to look as grubby as the passage outside the florists and leisure centre entrances.

I really hope those concerned with spending the large sums of money to regenerate the town centre have thought about it’s future upkeep otherwise in no time at all we will be back to square one. Just look at the state of the bins outside McGuiness Opticians.

I truly hope I will be proved wrong and the fine upstanding citizens of this town will value what has been given to them.

Karen Syms