Recently, Lifeline Community Action masterminded a flash mob in Newton Aycliffe town centre much to the amazement of shoppers and it was all done as a complete surprise for Alwyn White.
Alwyn the “Helping Hands” Manager thought she was going to town to try and help more people, but instead strangers started walking up to her and saying things like ‘hi are you Alwyn’ and then went on to give her a red rose and thanked her for all the hard work she does for others in our town.
As she walked out of the Thames Centre hordes of friends popped up from ‘nowhere’ and gave her a gift of appreciation.  It wasn’t long before she needed help to carry all the gifts.
The crescendo ended at the top end of town near Cafe Pronto where people had gathered to sing to and cheer their role model.
Everyone involved in the flash mob really enjoyed themselves and Alwyn was obviously overwhelmed by people’s kindness and generosity.

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