Dear Sir,

Can someone please advise me why our town centre has now become a storage centre for metal barriers. Undoubtedly we will be told they are there to protect pedestrians from trips or falls if accessing the non- bricked areas, but these have been there since shortly after the town centre was improved and there was no need for barriers then.

It also begs the question if there is work to do why not get on and get it done as surely barriers spread throughout the centre do little to enhance or attract? Perhaps the council could find the time to repaint the walls situated at the entrance to the town, remove the graffiti and clean the concrete balls which are somewhat filthy and again do nothing to enhance the area

William Walton

Ed: Town Centre Manager Bryan Haldane replies: “Barriers are in place in anticipation of future works which will be commencing shortly. Please note the Centre has no involvement in the entrance to the Business Park”