Central Coaches the longest established bus service in the town is applying to bring a local circular route to those areas affected by cuts in service to the town centre.

Proprietor Alec Voy will provide an hourly bus route, No. 116, from Heighington, School Aycliffe, Greenfield Way, Alston Crescent, Byerley Park, Burn Lane, Greenwell Road and then an inner loop that takes in Pease Way, Greenfield Way, Williamfield Way, Stephenson Way and back round to Greenwell Road.

The service will start in January as they have to give 8 weeks notice. Initially the bus will opereate between 09.20am and 2.20pm with a view to expanding later. The bus will be able to accept bus passes and wheelchairs.

Alec told Newton News he decided to offer the service following the withdrawl of the bus connecting Heighington and School Aycliffe to Newton Aycliffe.

It is hoped this local initiative will be appreciated and supported by passengers, encouraging Central Coaches to expand their local bus service.