Dear Sir,

I would like to share with your paper my confusion about the wearing of face masks in shops.

The government has stated that it is not compulsory for shop floor workers to wear a mask but the customers must.

So, I wonder if it’s fine for shop workers not to wear them then they must be immune to the virus and unable to pass it onto the rest of the workforce and the public at large, and, assuming that, when they visit other outlets of a different type of shop then by the government’s reasoning they do not need to wear masks because they work in the retail business.

Does anyone else have a view on this?

Wilko staff do not seem to be wearing any protection, yet in Tesco’s all the staff are using visors and/or masks, even the Ladbrook girl was using a visor and she was outside the shop! Well done to them.

Confused? You bet!

Kind regards,

Fred of Garburn Place