Dear Sir,
I’m writing after reading the article ‘named and shamed’. As far as I am aware there are three spaces running alongside the walk on the car park, opposite the Leisure Centre, which are not disabled bays.
The other bays are clearly marked out in yellow with disabled notices. The three, above mentioned bays, are marked in white and have no disabled markings. I believe the black BMW is doing nothing wrong.
Amanda Robinson

Dear Sir
In reply to the article on parking in the car park opposite the Leisure Centre. I was told by a Parking Warden that the three spaces where the car in question was parked, are in fact not Disabled Parking, and are not marked on the tarmac as such. They do not have the required space for them to be for the disabled.
Although I do agree that the sign on the outside wall is misleading, and in my opinion this sign should be changed to avoid confusion.
Vince Burke

Dear Sir,
With reference to the letter entitled ‘Named and Shamed’ in last week’s edition of the Newton News, we have investigated this matter and found that while there is some confusion around the disabled parking area and the spaces allocated, we will ask our staff not to park there in future.
Nonetheless we would like to apologise for any issues this may have caused.
Stephen Howell
Durham County Council
Editor: This car park was designated by the Town Centre owners for disabled at the time the refurbishment was taking place. It was a temporary measure which perhaps now needs re-evaluating.