Dear Sir,

Hello to you all, I was hoping you would like to cheer up our elderly residents in our town care and nursing homes. For many months now they have been unable to have many visitors or even get out into the fresh air, in fear they catch the Covid-19 virus still spreading around our country, and many others.

My aim is to try and bring a little brightness into their lives during this depressing time. If you love to draw, paint or write, or do all three of them, why don’t you show our residents just what your skills are in any of these genres. Whatever it is I am sure that it will make them feel so happy that someone has thought about them.

Just do what YOU love best, I know it will be superb, and you too will feel happy that you have cheered someone up who might have been feeling so sad and lonely.

There are seven care and nursing homes around Newton Aycliffe and one day care home next to Bethany House in Woodham (Village Close). The others are Bethany House, St. Clare’s Court (near the fire station), Rose Lodge (near Cobblers Hall), Aycliffe Care Home (in the Horndale area), Lindisfarne Care Home (near Silverdale Place), Defoe Care Home (near Woodham Academy) and lastly Woodham Lodge (half way down Burn Lane, first bungalow through iron gates on your right).

THANK YOU for doing your best for our elderly people, they were once young and carefree like you. Many helped build up this town and are so proud of it and the people in it. So come on you youngster’s, go for this idea with all the determination and care you have.

God bless each and every one of you.

Pam Lovelass

Pastoral Assistant of The Parish of Great Aycliffe.