My guests on Sundays show included successful local author Bev Walton who came into the studio to talk about her early childhood, moving to Vienna when she was 18 to further her education and life experience, working as an au-pair, in preparation for a 30 year flying career as an air stewardess for some of the world’s prestigious airlines.
Bev’s love of writing really started in earnest when her son came home from primary school one weekend with ‘the class teddy’. She had to look after ‘The Teddy Bear’ and write a diary about the weekend, but decided to transform the prose to rhyme. From then on, she took up writing rhymes about travelling ventures and life experiences and, as they say, the rest is history. Bev now works as a front of house receptionist at The Pioneering Care Centre as well as being part of the reception/admin team, and she loves to create and perform the children’s story time at the centre’s events throughout the year.
Her book ‘The Tidy-Up Terrors’, which is available from Amazon and Waterstones, was originally a poem called TIDY YOUR ROOM! Written as a light hearted tease to encourage her son to tidy his permanently messy bedroom. The book is published by Compass – Publishing UK. At present, Bev is promoting her book by visiting bookshops, libraries and schools, with school author visits planned during February for the lead up to World Book Day on 7th March. Further information is available on
My other studio guests were Jeff Cummings, and design artist and illustrator Dan Walls who joined me to discuss their CLIFFECON event taking place at the OakLeaf Sports Complex on the 18th May. Jeff recently moved back to the North East after 39 years in the Midlands and wanted to continue running events where he lives now. It is a comic con style event, so it would be good to be able to explain what a comic con is for those who have never been to one and then talk about what people can expect if they attend. This event is a must for all COSPLAYERS, with category prizes. It’s a fun day for all the family, with trade stalls, animal roadshowand family entertainment with photo opportunities throughout the day.
Further information is available on Facebook and @cutefoxevents