With millions now using foodbanks and one in four children living in poverty, period poverty has become a priority issue across the UK. Young girls are missing school as they cannot afford sanitary protection.

Sedgefield Labour woman’s forum is pleased to be supporting ‘The Red Box’ project in our constituency.

The Red Box project discretely provides free sanitary products for those that need them, and Sedgefield Labour Woman’s forum is providing red boxes across our constituency supplied by donations by Sedgefield constituency Labour Party members, one of which is now available in Aycliffe Youth and Community Centre.

I was pleased to find some of our local schools are already part of this project.

If you are interested in donating items or having a box in your school or community facility then please check out ‘Red Box Project Sedgefield’ Facebook group, or email Eileen at ‘Eileen.brewis@btinternet.com.’

Cllr Kathy Beetham.