Dear Sir,

I would like to explain to Phil Wilson why he is not our MP.

After listening to his recent TV interviews he appears not to understand that by ignoring his constituents decision to leave the EU, and telling us we did not know what we were voting for, he would automatically be re-elected, because he is Labour. May I forward the reasons why, we knew exactly what we were voting for and why Paul Howell is now our MP.

After decades of betrayal and continuous lies, the people of Europe are finally waking up, realising that their elected governments are not the democratic saviours they proclaim to be in elections, whose aims and agendas no longer run parallel with the goals and best interests of European people, but those who have been working to oppress and enslave us?

How has this EU project been allowed to progress to such a position of absolute evil power, its original aim of conquering humanity is at last showing signs of failure.

By using stealth and deception it has tried to convince a society to accept an agenda, that in itself can be used against them to suppress views, opinions and free speech, for fear of causing offence, or even breaking laws that were deliberately put in place to make compliance essential. By carefully drip feeding rhetoric and propaganda a population can be indoctrinated into thinking anything they are told to do, particularly the young.

Everything we see around us is not actually our own freewill or choosing, despite what people may think, but the EU have carefully orchestrated a plot to funnel all of humanity in one direction. The aim being to create a society or obedient drones who can’t, or rather won’t, disagree with the future status quo, for fear of the social reprisals, being outcast or even removed from society, by using the word “Racist” as a tool to ensure compliance. You will have no choice but to obey regardless, even when it goes against sound logic and reasoning, because the consequences and punishment will be swift and severe.

If Brussels is really about free trade and the betterment of humanity, why do they need total control over all member states’ governments and laws? How can democracy exist when elections are tailored towards ‘our way or no way’, and keep voting until you come back with a result they approve of. Why does an organisation who claims to be open, have no transparency when it comes to their own finances and accounts?

Where is their own accountability?

Finally, why does an organisation who’s sole emphasis and primary objective is about trade, need a private army of their own?

We are now “Leaving” and it could be the start of others following in our footsteps, this, Mr Wilson, is why, by ignoring us, we now have Paul Howell as our new Conservative MP.


Clive Taylor-Sholl