Dear Sir,
I understand the Town Council have told the volunteers of the Friends of West Park not to clear anymore weed and algae from the Boating Lakes. This is a disgrace and an outrage!
These volunteers have through sheer hardwork in their own time, unpaid and at their own expense cleared 90% of the top lake and part of the bottom lake. They have done a phenomenal free public service which nearly every resident acknowledges and appreciates.
West Park is not, I repeat not an environmental eco park for wildlife. It is a Public Park, a human recreational amenity, in open urban area between two sets of housing and is there solely for use and enjoyment of the public, families, children, residents and visitors alike.
The fact that Ducks, Swans and Geese frequent the lakes for many years is an added and welcome addition but the weed and algae removal has not, and does not stop aquatic wildfowl from frequenting the lakes. In the years when the lakes were regularly cleaned and drained there were plenty of small fish, indeed these wildfowl seem to prefer the cleared parts of the lakes compared to the massed carpets of algae, weeds, and scum, which is an attraction to flies.
There are five other specific park areas dedicated to so- called water eco systems and biodiversity in Great Aycliffe, namely at Byerley Park, the new Ropemoor Suds lake, Aycliffe Nature Park, School Aycliffe Wetlands and the Angling Lake on the Golf Course, as well as Woodham Burn. Wildlife, pond life, dragonflies, frogs, etc. are very well catered for already.
To the Town Council I say listen to the wishes of the residents, work with the Friends of West Park to clear the lakes and serve the public interest otherwise those of us who vote will not forget at election time.
Some councillors tried to get rid of our fireworks display, they got rid of the Great Aycliffe Show, well hands off West Park Lakes – get them clean and usable by the public.
We want boats back, we want the lakes kept clean so children can wade/dip, play with toy boats etc. West Park is first and foremost for people and councillors should not forget that.
You serve us!
Name and Address Supplied.