Recovery begins when we choose honesty over self deception and claim ownership of all we are. When we can accept our true worth, and come to believe we are deserving of the price to be paid.

Experiencing the healing power of forgiveness and unconditional love, freed from the burden of misplaced guilt, and the limitations of self recrimination.

Caring enough to claim personal responsibility for all we do in order to release the past on good terms, and create a future ready to be all that we can be.

Overcoming our demons through the power of acceptance. The courage it brings to recognise and release the self doubt that used to hide in shadows of our own making.

Validating yourself through the actions of your personal truth demonstrated. Where the value of your self worth is no longer set by the praise or approval of others.

Embracing life without fear of rejection because of who we are. The past is who you were; the present is who you are and the future is for you alone to decide the person we wish to become.

Realising no one is coming to save you. You are a survivor of all you have endured and carry the scars as testament of your own strength and courage. Battered, bruised and scarred maybe, but as yet, never beaten.

Yearning for the love of life; a beautiful soul on their journey of recovery. Their path forged through adversity becomes their truth demonstrated, rising to take each day slowly but surely one determined step at a time.