For anyone who took the time to read last weeks blog, the little hog that was found on the golf course passed away the following day, the injuries he sustained were quite extensive, the poor soul was out there like that for quite sometime, it’s very distressing for myself and all rehabbers across the country to witness some of the awful things that happen to them. All we ask of finders is, if you see a hedgehog out during the day this is not normal behaviour, being of nocturnal persuasion, if you do see one out during the day get him or her out of harms way, put in a high sided box with a towel or something else soft and get help, time really is of the essence because it takes three or four doses of medication before we can see any improvement.
Can I also say that these poor souls that are lucky enough to end up in our rescues do get a second chance at a really lovely life when released, if a place is unsafe to return to they will be found somewhere else to live with support feeding and other hogs. We have a lot of hogs at Woodham Village.
Many thanks to Gill, she has been busy knitting, and donating to this rescue, some beautiful items. We have got so many wonderful things I will have to do a fundraiser very soon!
Hoggies in rescue are doing very well, thank you Alison for bringing Jimmy in as soon as she saw him, poor soul has a broken back leg, he has been to grange vets to have his leg examined thank you Angela for being there for him. We also thank Lucy for bringing in Billy, she acted straight away too, he has sore back legs and an upset tummy, both hogs are responding to treatment and to Carol, who rescued a female, she is also gaining weight.
The British Hedgehog Preservation Society have a database of rehabber numbers please get these poor souls the help they so richly deserve and ring 01584 890801.