Thank you everyone who took the time to show up to our Easter Fair, it went very well and we made a lovely amount of money which goes towards caring for these wonderful creatures. It will be time to say goodbye to the ones we have overwintered soon but we continue to admit sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs. My time is best home with them because they need critical care and the hoglets need feeding every few hours.
My thanks to June, Valerie, Joyce for their assistance, Marlene and Eloise for our amazing tombola, Lorraine, Josy, Hilary and Bev, Johnny and staff of McDonald’s and many others who help this rescue with donations and support.
Raffle tickets are still on sale, drop me an email, if you want more details of prizes etc, on, £1 per strip.
Can’t finish there, isn’t this a beautiful banner made by Newton Press, I am very proud of it, my son Liam photographed the hedgehogs I have here, this will be with me whenever I am fundraising and raising awareness of how to help everyone’s garden friend.
On a serious note, please refrain from putting marks on hedgehogs that visit your garden, it makes them visible to predators. Hibernating hedgehogs will soon wake up, please provide them with food and water, if you see one out in the day it means that they need help. Please ring The British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 for help and advice.