Firstly, I want to mention the kind, understanding person who took the time to write A Moment of Magic on page 7 last week, whoever this was you have my heartfelt thanks, it was very nice to know that there are people out there who also watch out for our poor wildlife. Can I also add that, despite it being January, there are rehabbers who are still receiving very small hedgehogs, as little as 180-200 grams, these hogs aren’t even big enough to be without mum, these need rescuing, in fact any hog out during the day, whatever size, is in trouble health wise, rescues need them inside to assess, treat and keep warm till spring.
Thank you to again June, she does a lot for this rescue, she visited her hog today with Joyce, thank you Joyce for your donation and June has also has made a very generous donation, also Nancy and Jeanette. We have also received a donation from the Olive Garden for the next raffle we do, which won’t be long! The lucky winner can have a lovely pizza, thank you all, makes a big difference to the quality of life these little ones get in our care.
We also have some very talented ladies making some lovely items for us, Bethany Stacy is doing embroidered hedgehogs for our raffle and these embroideries are hogs that were released last year, also Karen for drawing a beautiful hedgehog for us.
Tip of the week: If you see a hedgehog, and you aren’t sure if he or she needs help, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society are there, office hours, on 01584 890801 for advice and if necessary a list of rehabbers or email me on
Last week I mentioned our smallest hog Mitzi, she was brought in last November after firework night, too small to be out alone, she was also quite unwell. These days she has regained some of her fur and her spines are growing back, her treatment has been a huge success thanks to Grange Vets, she is starting to look a bit more like a regular hog, so she has got company in her new home which is a pink zoo zone hamster house.
Cherub is company for Mitzi and they are friends, they can go to a new release site together when the time comes.