I would like to wish every reader a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Things are quiet at this moment in time and I hope that all our wild hedgehogs are sleeping peacefully, the weather is uncharacteristically mild but we can’t take this for granted especially in January!

This Rescue Centre and other rescues in this area it’s business as usual, our occupants have to be kept warm to prevent them hibernating because they are too small to survive the long sleep, especially our latest admission who arrived on the 22nd December weighing a mere 340g, pictured here, so we have called her Holly at her finders request.

All hoggies are doing well including those at foster parents Viv and Roy’s, looking fab and growing nicely into adulthood. Hermione who has recovered from gastrointestinal difficulties is now a healthy 700g!

Please don’t forget that if you see a hedgehog out during the day he or she is in trouble and needs our help, they are protected and endangered but recent uk statistics suggest that the numbers have stopped falling but it’s too early for complacency.

BHPS can be contacted on 01584 890801 for advice and rehabbers contact numbers if needed.

This rescue has entered a new year with new equipment, better food, meds’ and a really good vet! We have to be self sustaining so fundraising and people’s donations benefit these beautiful mammals directly.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our rescue, it wouldn’t be possible without you.


Aycliffe Rescue Centre