It’s been quite an eventful week, supporters have visited with some lovely items for the car boot sale that we will be doing on Sunday, weather permitting, also thanking Sonia, June and Val for their support that keeps these lovely mammals in the warmth and comfort they truly deserve which helps them recover from life threatening problems. We have also received a monetary donation from Matt and Jayne.

It is Hedgehog Awareness week this week and firstly we have to thank finders, firstly Michael who recovered a small hoggie being attacked by Crows and Magpies, had Michael’s dogs not seen what was happening he said he would never have seen him and the suffering he had experienced. He was at our rescue within an hour of being discovered, where pain relief and antibiotics were given and made warm and comfortable, he has been named Teddy. He has a long way to go but he will get there, bless him, he is only little. Then on Sunday, Emma found a lovely little girl hog circling on St Mary’s roundabout, she was circling because she had lost an eye, we think to predators, Emma decided to take her own coat off her back and bring her to us, she is also doing well and very cute, she has been named Mary, of course.

Tara and myself have taken some very poorly hedgehogs recently, Freddie, Luna,Teddy and Mary, (pictured) we are also responsible for ensuring that they are well provided for with food and medical supplies and if we didn’t fundraise we wouldn’t be able to save these lovely creatures who have more up against them than any other wild animal and we appreciate any help that is offered, so we have set up a ‘go fund me’ on our Facebook page where you can see the progress of all our hedgehogs and donate if you wish. We aren’t releasing because of the poor weather conditions but hopefully we will see some good weather very soon.

Maxine, Tara and Tyra

Weekly Tip: If you see a hedgehog that’s lethargic, injured or distressed, please get him or her some help immediately, wrap him or her up, and pop somewhere warm until you can get him or her to a rescue or a vet. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society have all local numbers to this area, including ours, so please ring 01584 890801.

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