Firstly, Tara and I express our thanks again to June and Val for making some beautiful Easter Treats, Rabbits, Hoggies and Penguins all with sweets inside, Grannies Choice has also helped us with supplies to finish these little gifts. All proceeds go to our rescue which is constantly busy with sick or injured hedgehogs, from orphaned babies to adult hogs, and we try to never turn a poorly hog away, if we do I always know who can help if we can’t. Don’t hesitate to seek help wherever possible, there are 24 hour vets in Darlington and Bishop Auckland if you can’t get hold of a Hedgehog Rescue Centre and Sore Paws on Saturday mornings have my number too.

We will be releasing overwintered hedgehogs when the night time weather is kinder but we will send them back to gardens with supported feeding because they were not only very small but very poorly too. First, this weekend, we have two very vulnerable adult hogs, Katie who has been badly bitten and Sid who is blind, they will be cared for by Clive and Valentine on a permanent basis because they will certainly die in the wild, Tara and I will be there to support them too. We will also be pairing up, wherever possible, to hope these mammals numbers climb because they are vulnerable to extinction, we don’t want this to happen not only because they are very good for our gardens, they are cute too. Please watch out for them and be mindful when you use power tools etc. Check beforehand, it only takes a short time.

All in rescue are doing well, thankfully they can be returned very soon.

Tip of the week: BHPS can be contacted on 01584 890801 during office hours. Facebook or our email address is: or a vet.