Firstly can we thank all finders, Pat and Liam who found Casey, a very young female, who is now next to Cerys, maybe siblings, Sophie and Richie who picked up a very small baby hog off a main road in Hartlepool. It’s a miracle she is alive but this lovely couple, who are related to lovely Lorraine Elliott, brought her back here where she is thriving, thankfully, where she should be, and finally Brenda who has also saved a lovely hedgehog who was very poorly, she is recovering from an internal parasite called thorny headed worm and it’s as painful as it sounds. Not to mention a donation to help with over winter food and care because they are too small to release. Also thanks to Sonya and Jane for their support providing us with lovely kitten food, which is all very much appreciated.

Things should hopefully quieten down but if you see a hedgehog out during the day, whatever the size, please pick him or her up, they are nocturnal, we shouldn’t see them at all really, contact a vet, or rescue centre, Cleveland Hedgehog Preservation Society have their own website, we are currently working on our own Prickly Haven Hedgehog Hotel Facebook site too.

Weekly tip: Ring British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 or visit the people’s trust for Endangered Species if you see a hog in trouble, bring it indoors and keep safe, warm out of the way of predators please.