There are that many things happened this week it’s been quite exhausting but I will begin with thanking everyone who supported us at our sale last Saturday, we hope we were of some help to you too, because there were no shortage of visitors with plenty of questions. Firstly can we thank Karen and Brian, Community Support, for making it happen and all our other visitors for purchasing goods to help our prickly babies, firstly June, Nancy and Joyce, Mr Clegg for cash donations, finders, Nanette for bringing in two lovely little girls Bobbie and Goldie, both poorly but stable, Alan and Sandra who donated to the rescue and Pat for Cerys. All the juvenile hoggies in our care are too small for release this year, we will feed, care and medicate wherever necessary but more importantly keep them warm, hibernation is out of the question for all in Rescue because they are far too small. We can’t forget to thank a lovely young man called Will, he has managed to tell his school friends about our hoggies, he has been in rescue before lockdown and held a couple of very small baby hogs, he was quite smitten with them because of their gentleness and adorable faces.

We are very busy at the moment, babies everywhere, so if you see a hedgehog that looks too small, about the size of a small orange, please pick the little one up and take it out of harms way, they can’t defend themselves and they need to be kept warm.

Tip of the week: Our hedgehogs need our help, they are endangered, protected under the wildlife act and at risk of extinction, any hog out during the day may be in trouble whatever their size, The British Hedgehog Preservation Society are there with information on Local Rehabbers, they also provide literature for anyone needing help with a sick, injured or orphaned hedgehog on 01584 890801.