So sorry about our absence over the last two weeks, this was due to poor health and lots of poorly hoggies, thankfully we are all on the mend now.

I would like to thank the following people for donations, these come in the form of cash donations or goods to sell on our car boot stall. Firstly, Karen, for her donation of clothes; Bill, Ann and Connie for items to sell, everyone who also visited our table at the Turbinia last Sunday and also Gary, the landlord, for his £10 donation to our rescue centre.

Myself, Tara and Viv will be doing more fundraising because a lot of the hedgehogs in rescue are very small and will remain here in the warm till spring. Our smallest at the moment is a 200g female called Penny, she is enjoying her new bedroom, which donations have enabled us to buy for her, and of course extra cages so we can take more sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs in. We also have in rescue the very lovely, Tiffany, who came from our vet. She was taken in by Ian, a very good hoggie friend of ours, and one of our NHS Hero Ambulance Paramedics, she was very poorly with breathing difficulties but making progress here in rescue. She is a wonderful 1000g, and should be OK to go home soon.

Don’t forget about us when you see a hedgehog in trouble, we are here for them whatever time of year, we try to help them all and take as many in as possible, especially now it’s getting very cold and damp.

Also fireworks are very scary for hedgehogs, bonfire night is near too, please think of these beautiful mammals.

Weekly Tip: If you need any help, advice or information leaflets, please ring The British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 or come and visit us on our stall, we will be at The Big Club on Saturday 17th October from 11am-2pm.