Most of us will have to be spending the majority of our time at home, and as the weather improves Joan, Viv and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody good health. We at Prickly Haven think that this is the opportunity to let you all know we are still business as usual, The British Hedgehog Preservation Society are too on 01584 890801.

As the weather is very nice and sunny during the day it is still very cold at night, too cold for any releases, but during the day people will be embarking on gardening etc which brings me to every rehabbers nightmare, powered cutting tools and football nets. Pictured above is a female who had been the victim of a strimmer, the gardener didn’t check to see if she was there, she was sleeping when this had happened to her, she must have been out around 24 hours when a kind person found her still trying to walk to find help but by that time the flies had started to do their dirty work, she must have been in agony but they never cry! Because of her injuries she had to be put to sleep, it was the kindest thing to do. Had the person stopped to check before strimming, which would have took him five minutes or so this little one would still be here with us possibly having Hoglets. Can I say this happened recently in another part of the country.

We apologise for the graphic picture but it’s something we need to show you all!

It’s only now since doing hedgehog rescue I have heard power tools and to be quite honest it turns my stomach, please take the time to check first, we have plenty of time at home at least for the foreseeable if people have listened to Boris! Also Hedgehog’s get constriction injuries from any kind of netting, please also make sure that they have room to get under the nets to get to where they are going, a couple of feet will suffice.

Stay Home and Stay Safe

Maxine, Viv and Joan

Prickly Haven

Hedgehog Rescue