Dear Sir,

On Saturday 22nd August my son Adam was in the town with his friends when he fell over and got a 3 inch rusty nail stuck in his hand. He was obviously very upset and the staff at Coffee Pronto took him into the cafe and looked after him until I arrived to collect him. There were some off duty paramedics having coffee who were so kind to him. They bandaged up his hand and kept him calm. I cannot thank the staff and customers at Coffee Pronto enough for what they did for Adam. The kindness and compassion they showed him was outstanding.

Adam went to Darlington hospital where he had an x-ray but was then sent to Durham hospital to have the nail removed. On Sunday morning he required surgery on his hand but is recovering well. Every nurse, doctor and surgeon who looked after Adam at both hospitals were brilliant. I am very grateful to all of the NHS staff.

Adam visited Coffee Pronto on Tuesday to say thank you in person to the staff and customers and he was treated by them to his lunch, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Another very kind and unnecessary gesture.

Thank you to everyone for looking after Adam, there really are some lovely people who live in our town.

Kind Regards

Becky (Adam’s Mam)