The Thai Boxing show, in memory of Nathan Cuthbertson, was an amazing success. The event was sold out, with 40 tables sold and another 200 standing.
‘Snowy Snowdon’ (Royal Navy) took on Mark Holder (Cuthy 200 Thai Boxing) and fought for the Nathan Cuthbertson Thai Boxing Memorial Championship trophy. Snowy took the decision, winning the bout on points.
A presentation was given to Nathan’s parents of a canvas image as well as a presentation from the emotional Michael Day, who served in Afghanistan with Nathan. An original photograph taken in Afghanistan, which was then sketched by an artist and presented to Nathan’s parents.
The event was amazing, raising £4000 for Cuthy200 charity and to support our paras (official charity for Parachute Regiment).
The belt was sponsored by JCM & Trevor Arnell of the Teesside Parachute Regiment Association.